Dallas VideoFest 27 Gets Opening Date

Dallas VideoFest 27 gets opening date and we’ve got all the exciting details! #DVF27

October is fast approaching and for Dallas that means that it is almost time for the Video Association of Dallas’s annual VideoFest. In it’s 27th year, VideoFest promises to be even bigger and better than ever!

To kick off VideoFest 27, the DVA is pulling out all the stops with a screening of Hitchcock’s The Lodger. The silent film was recently restored by The British Film Institute and will…

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Late to the Party: How To Train Your Dragon

We’re discovering the world’s most adorable dragon today in the Tipsy Verse. #toothless #latetotheparty

I’m not really sure what my aversion was to How To Train Your Dragon when if first came out. Maybe I was in one of those “I’m a grown up, I haven’t got time for kids’ movies anymore” moods. Pfft. I assure you, those never last long. And, after much hounding from the likes of Michelle and my younger brother, I finally sat down and watched.




First of all, Hiccup is adorably awkward. I…

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